madison high school digital design.

the digital design program at madison high school began as a class for students that were looking for an art elective that was not based on drawing.  what evolved was a full-time design program that houses a complete screen printing shop, full service printing output, vinyl sign creation, photography services, and video production.  with the commitment from the madison high school administration the digital design program made the move to become an oregon certified career & technical education program.  cte has created a more robust, career centered focus that allows completing students to graduate with a graphic design certification, and their work will be honored at local community colleges.  the next phase of the madison high school design/photo/video program is a dual credits with portland community college and mt. hood community college.  

if you are a graphic designer or photographer and see yourself helping a high school designer as either a mentor or with a apprenticeship please use the contact form below and let us know.



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